Welcome to my web site.  My name is Allen Hepworth and I am an experienced mechanical designer.

I have more than 35 years experience with some of the worlds foremost innovation companies. From Decca in England in the 1970s to MDI Mobile Data International – Motorola – in the early 1980s where I was chief mechanical designer.

In 1989 an MDI colleague and I started our own engineering firm KISS Manufacturing , developing a client list that ultimately included companies such as Siemens AG (Germany) and Keytronic (Washington) and winning a number of prestigious design awards in the process.

I have knowledge and experience that only years of cutting edge development will provide.

I began my career in England at the giant English Electric where I served an engineering apprenticeship in addition to working as a model maker and product designer.  My skill is practical.

After selling my ownership in KISS I started his own consulting firm, Kubla Holdings, providing design and consulting services to a wide range of clients including Nautilus Technologies and Bulldog Technologies .

I will be providing a sampling of my portfolio, as time allows, with links to references for your information.

I presently live and work in the San Diego area of Southern California and am able to provide services to clients all over North America.  If you have need of my services, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can provide complete design or simply design review services.

Allen Hepworth
Experience Counts

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Specialist in injection molding and general mechanical design.